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許多教堂通常是按等級結構運作的–牧師在等級的最上層,其下為教區理事會,理事會之下是主內兄弟姊妹。 如果某人有好主意,通常必須由理事會去找牧師,然後等待牧師的決定或行動,導致牧師工作過度,多人不满。






Rev Phill Read


Tel: 02-9580 1217 Mobile: 0401 539 736

Phill牧师 和 Colette师母 结婚 26 年,全职事奉也有 24 年。来 Penshurst 服侍之前,他们在 West Lindfield 和 Hurstville Grove 牧区事奉。他们有 2 位可爱的女儿(Miranda 和 Sophina),很享受一家人一起的时光。 Phill 是圣公会牧师资格认证小组成员,而 Colette 也积极参与教会的事奉。工余时间, 他们喜欢阅读,散步,去海滩和与朋友聊天。



Mobile: 0430 159 663

马广川传道2002年来悉尼留学时信主,清楚神的呼召后,于2010年进入Morling College接受神学装备,  并于2013年开始全职事奉。


和配偶Joy育有二子一女Caleb, Daniel,  Esther。业余爱好喜欢走路,读书。


We have three Wardens on our Parish Council, who meet regularly to attend to the financial, legal and building and grounds issues.


The eight teams who care for the ministry of our church are grouped together in line with our church’s motto:
Jesus – communicated, celebrated, demonstrated.

Jesus - communicated through His Word, involves the following teams:
Children’s Ministry Team
Mission and Outreach Team
Discipleship Team

Jesus – celebrated through Worship, involves the following teams:
Sunday Worship Team
Special Services team

Jesus – demonstrated through Welcome, involves the following teams:
Sunday Welcome Team
Social Fellowship Team
Communications Team.

The Children’s Ministry Team looks after the important work of Sunday School, Kids Church and our Mothers’ Group.

The Mission and Outreach Team is responsible for supporting our missionaries and encouraging the work of mission in our church. We support several missions agencies financially by tithing the donations received at our church services, and spiritually by prayer.

The Discipleship Team are responsible for cell groups, Bible studies, New Member classes, baptism classes, the Sunday morning Welcomers and Youth Group.

The Sunday Worship Team coordinates the music teams, the technical people, the readings and prayers, everything that goes into making the Sunday service what it is.

The Social Fellowship Team organises our annual church camp, and all our special meals and events, like the Chinese celebrations of Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, and our Passover meal just before Easter.

The Communications Team is responsible for announcements, publicity, The Voice, the church website and signage.

The Sunday Welcome Team looks after welcoming newcomers, recognising and acknowledging every person who comes; Sunday lunch, regular newcomers’ information lunches, pastoral visits and providing meals for those in need. They care about seeing everyone connected in, so no-one sits here alone and unseen.

Team Leaders Meeting

Phill and David regularly meet with all Team Leaders.

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