Building Renovation Updates

  • The building committee met and proposed what has been presented. The committee comprised of builders and architects.

  • All work is done by professional contractors.

  • The parish council accepted the recommendations and sought quotes for the work.

  • The diocese was provided the plans and Archdeacon James Davidson approved them.

  • The Parish Council agreed to the costing of $115,000 for the completion of the work.

  • On the 11th July at 12:00pm there will be a Zoom Meeting for Q & A

  • We will also setup an online voting for the purpose of endorsing the plans.

Renovation explains video link:

Renovation plan:


Building renovation process:

1. Show congregation members the plan

2. Hold a General Meeting to pass proposal

3. Complete building compliance work 

4. Engage the companies to complete the renovations 

5. Hold a maintenance morning to clear out the work areas   

6. Install the glass walls and doors 

7. Install kitchen cupboards 

8. Install kitchen stainless steel and bench top 

9. Install toilet stud wall 

10. Install foyer cupboards 

11. Refurbish wood tiles 

12. Paint offices 

13. Purchase 8 tables 

14. Cover the floor in the foyer and offices 

15. Hold a special service to mark completion of the renovations