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Roadmap Out of Lockdown

A way forward

Our Premier recently announced a roadmap out of lockdown. The state will reopen when we reach 70% double vaccination in mid-October. What does this mean for us?


1) We will delay coming back in person until November

The wardens have considered numerous factors and have decided that we will continue to meet online for the rest of October.


2) We aim to provide a safe environment

We have developed protocols in line with Public Health Orders. Our aim is to have 3 stages:


Stage 1- Meeting face to face but with numerous restrictions

Stage 2- Easing of some restrictions

Stage 3- Living with the new normal for gathering


Further details please refer to the image below.

The timeline for these stages will depend upon health advice. In the meantime, we will continue to provide our service online.


3) Vaccination

Consistent with health advice we encourage people to be vaccinated. The following video produced by the Christian Dental and Medical Fellowship may be of help to those who are ‘vaccine hesitant.’


We are eager to meet again but in a way that is safe. Feel free to contact myself, Pastor David or Pastor Tiny if you have any concerns or would like to discuss this further.

Pastor Phill

3-Stages of Coming Out of Lockdown

Building Renovation Updates

Dear members of PAC,

Due to the challenges of online church and ministry, this renovation update is well overdue. My apologies.

Here is an outline of progress so far.

Following the General Meeting to endorse the building project, parish council set up a task force and agreed to engage contractors. The budget for the project has been set at $120,000.

The task force consists of the following members: Gaye Bishop, Hua Feng, John Haynes and myself. The initial purpose of this group was to investigate any necessary modification to the kitchen plans in response to feedback from the general meeting and those who use the facilities. 

As a result of consultation, the following modifications will be incorporated:

  • Instant hot water

  • A commercial dishwasher- for efficient washing and ease of use

  • A separate counter for tea and coffee

  • The solid wall to screen the toilet doors has now been changed to a slatted wall to meet concerns around children’s safety

 The following items are still under discussion:

  • The aesthetics of the foyer. This will be decided once the cupboards are installed.

  • Flooring in the foyer – current options include carpet and lino

  • Cooling, heating and noise – to be determined based on the impact of what is installed

The task force discussed the possibility of disabled ramp access to the kitchen. The group decided that this was currently beyond the scope of this renovation.

Moving forward, the following actions will be implemented over the next 6–8 weeks:

  • An electrician will ensure that the electrical board can cope with the new kitchen requirements

  • Demolition of walls is about to begin

  • Items from the kitchen and foyer will being sold

  • New doors will be installed

  • The new kitchen and cupboards will be installed

  •  A slat wall in front of the toilet doors will be installed

  • The parquetry will be sanded and polished 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the taskforce team.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Phill

Renovation plan:


Building renovation process:

1. Show congregation members the plan (COMPLETED)

2. Hold a General Meeting to pass proposal (COMPLETED)

3. Complete building compliance work (COMPLETED)

4. Engage the companies to complete the renovations (COMPLETED) 

5. Hold a maintenance morning to clear out the work areas  

6. Install the glass walls and doors 

7. Install kitchen cupboards 

8. Install kitchen stainless steel and bench top 

9. Install toilet stud wall 

10. Install foyer cupboards 

11. Refurbish wood tiles 

12. Paint offices 

13. Purchase 8 tables 

14. Cover the floor in the foyer and offices 

15. Hold a special service to mark completion of the renovations

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