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Church Services

Sunday Services at Penshurst Anglican Church:


09:00am - Prayer Book Service with Holy Communion
11:00am - Service in English and Mandarin with monthly Holy Communion

Services are held weekly for members and visitors of all backgrounds to meet together in bilingual worship of our Lord Jesus. We sing bilingual songs and hymns of worship; we pray together, and every month we share in Holy Communion. Then we separate into groups of English- or Mandarin-speakers, where we each hear the Bible read and explained in our own language. We share a hot lunch together after the service.


As a visitor to a celebration service, you will be seeing a meeting which is designed to encourage and challenge Christians. It is a chance to see that we are everyday people too, and that we believe that by Christ's death and resurrection we enter into an eternal and personal relationship with our Creator. Our Lord seeks to bless people abundantly, so that they might experience life to the full. Our desire as a believing body is to see people live that relationship to its fullest.

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