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 2023 AGM

Overview of the AGM meeting

Every year we hold a meeting of all parishioners to share reports and to appoint people for certain roles.


This year we will meet in person on Sunday 26th March at 1:00pm in the church.


If you intend to participate in the meeting you will need to register as you enter. Alternatively you can sit and watch the meeting (but not vote or nominate).

The AGM meeting had two parts:

Part 1—Looking Back

We look back at the previous year and share what has happened in various ministries.


The wardens will provide a report as well as the audited accounts.

Part 2— Moving Forward

The wardens will propose a budget for 2023.


We will then nominate people for the following offices:

Wardens (a minimum of 2 elected)

Parish Councillors (a minimum of 3 elected)

Synod Representatives (2 elected)


Nominators (5 people elected)


Nominations for wardens and parish councillors are returned by Friday 24th March and placed in the ballot papers box. Nomination form can be downloaded or are placed at the back of the church and returned to Doris CHAN in person or by email (If there’s a shortage of nominations, we will take more nominations from the floor.) Each person present will receive two ballot papers. On the appropriate ballot paper, you will need to select two (2) wardens and three (3) parish councillors. (Any nominations from the day can be added by hand to the ballet papers.)


Finally, there is an opportunity for the AGM to make recommendations to the incoming Parish Council.


If you do have questions or would like help in participating, please call or e-mail me.

Pastor Phill

Our 2023 AGM is on Sunday, 26th March at 1:00pm.

1. Nomination forms (download) — we need to vote for a new Parish Council (in 2022 we had 3 councillors) and 5 nominators. Your nominations for these positions are very important. They must be co-signed by the person you are nominating and seconded by someone else.

2. Reports — please click the following links to read all the reports before coming to the AGM:

To speed up the AGM, these reports will not be read at the meeting. They will be received and/or approved by vote.

3. Budget for 2023 — Byron Chen (the Treasurer) will call for his proposed budget to be approved at the AGM.

Please come prepared by having read all the above reports.

Please submit your nomination forms electronically to Doris CHAN (email by Friday, 24th March to be included on the ballots.

The following items will be voted on at the meeting:

·         The 2023 Budget as proposed by Treasurer.

·         Two Church Wardens (the third one is selected by the Rector).

·         At least three Parish Councillors (a fourth can be selected by the Rector).

·         5 nominators.

·         Synod representative.

.         Auditor.

Our current Wardens and Parish Councillors are listed below.

Links of job descriptions of the Wardens and Parish Councillors can be found below.

Our Wardens

Geoff Scrimes.jpg

Geoff Scrimes



Nancy Feng

Appointed Warden)


Ralph Chen


Our Parish Councillors


Kathie Johnson


John Haynes


Jeff Powys

Our Synod Representatives


Merilyn Mayhew

Marina Leung

our wardens
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