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Building on a Solid Foundation

Lesson 6

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Review of Lesson 5:


What is sin? 什么是罪?

  • Romans 3:23 “… for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…”

  • 罗马书3:23“。。。因为世人都犯了罪, 亏缺了 神的荣耀。。。”

    • What is “God’s glory” and how do we “fall short” of it?

      • 神的荣耀“是指什么?我们怎样“亏缺了”  神的荣耀?

    • What is the solution found only in Jesus?

      • 只有在耶稣里才有办法解决, 这个办法是什么?

Lesson 6 - Salvation - "By the Father, through the Son"

第六课 救赎— “出于父 籍着子“

John­ 3:16 diagram.



(Write this verse out in full on the bottom of a fresh piece of paper.)



1. “God so loved the world…” God made the world (the human race) in love, to share in His Life, Love and Light

God > Humanity ---------- -> Life, Love, Light (Describe what these mean to you?)

      “神爱世人。。。“ 神在爱中创造了世界(人类), 来与祂分享生命, 爱, 和光。

      神 > 世人 —————————— -> 生命, 爱, 光(讲述这对于你的意义是什么)

2. But human beings turned away from God, thinking they could find life, love and light in other places. The Bible calls turning away from God ‘sin’.

但是人背离了神, 因为人认为他们可以在其他地方找到生命, 爱和光。圣经将背  离神称为‘罪’。


God > X ------------------------- -> Life, Love, Light (joy, peace, satisfaction, relationships, etc.)

神    > X -------------------- -> 生命, 爱, 光(喜乐, 平安, 满足, 关系等。)




Humanity -------------- -> Death  (death of the above)  

人           --------------- -> 死        (以上所有的死)   

  • It’s universal. (Rom 3:23 — “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”)
    这是普遍的。(罗 3:23 — “因为世人都犯了罪, 亏缺了 神的荣耀。“

  • It has serious consequences. (Rom 6:23—“…the wages of sin is death…”)
    后果很严重。 (罗6:23 — “。。。罪的工价乃是死。。。“)

3. “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son…” God’s love for the world motivated Him to intervene to save us by sending His Son.

"神爱世人, 甚至将 祂的独生子。。。” 神对世人的爱促使 祂差派儿子来拯救我们。    

L6 John3_16 image.png

Key Biblical words: Salvation, resurrection, reconciliation, redemption, renewal, new birth, fresh start…

圣经关键词:拯救, 复活, 和好, 救赎, 更新,新生, 新的开始。。。

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