Overview of this year’s AGM


With the risk of Covid-19 still threatening our gatherings, this year’s AGM will be streamlined to make sure we spend as little time as needed inside the church building. We will also be practicing the 4m2 social distancing rule, meaning that only 50 people will be allowed to attend.

**Everyone (including children) who wish to attend this AGM MUST "book" from this website in advance. Please reserve your seats by clicking on the "Reserve Now" button on this page!

As you arrive, please make sure you use hand sanitiser and have your name registered by one of the two door keepers. A meeting secretary will then be appointed.

There will be two parts to the meeting:

Part 1—Looking Back

Each year, we look back at the previous year and assess ourselves as a church community through numerous reports. To facilitate a speedier meeting, we have made all these reports available online for parish members to study in advance. At the meeting, the chairman will propose that these reports be “taken as read’. A short question time will be offered for each report, after which we will vote to receive the report by a show of hands.


Part 2— Moving Forward

Two items regarding our future will need to be discussed and voted upon:

  1. the Treasurer’s proposed 2020 budget

  2. the Building Committee’s proposal on the kitchen area

In case you cannot attend the meeting and would like to vote on these matters, please use a ‘proxy form’ which allows someone present at the meeting to vote on your behalf. (Please see the separate document entitled ‘Proxy Form’ for more information.)

Next, voting for the positions of warden, parish councillor and synod representative will take place. Before that can happen, however, the following motion needs to be made: “I move that a Parish Council of six (6) members be formed, with 3 wardens and 3 parish councillors.

Nominations for wardens, parish councillors and synod representatives will have been received by Wednesday, July 29th, and placed on ballot papers. (If there’s a shortage of nominations, we will take more nominations from the floor.) Each person present will receive three ballot papers. On the appropriate ballot paper, you will need to select two (2) wardens, three (3) parish councillors, and two (2) synod representatives. (Any nominations from the day can be added by hand to the ballet papers.)

Please note: no proxy votes are allowed at this time. Also, please bring your own pen!

To finish the AGM, I will ask for one final motion to be moved as follows: “I move that the Parish Council fill any vacancy that may occur among its members.”


I hope this overview is clear to you. If you do have questions, please don’t hesitate to ring me.


Our 2020 AGM is on Sunday, 2nd August at 1pm.

**Everyone (including children) who wish to attend must 'book' their seat in advance. Due to the 4m2 social distancing rule, only 50 people will be allowed to attend. 
**Reservation opens on Monday, 27th July at 9:00am and closes on Sunday, 2nd August at 11:00am.


As you enter the church, our ushers will:

  • confirm your booking details

  • take your temperature,

  • make sure your hands are sanitised and

  • give you a pre-packaged alcohol wipe to use after the service. You will use this wipe to wipe down the immediate area in which you were seated after the service.


**Please arrive 15 mins before the meeting to allow check-in procedures to carry out.

You will also be dismissed by seating sections so the doorways do not get crowded.

** It is also encouraged that you bring your own face mask. 



**If anyone you've booked for is unable to come, please email to churchadmin@penshurstanglican.org clearly stating the name(s)phone number(s) and date and event that you are unable to attend.

1. Proxy form (download) — by filling in this form, you can appoint someone who will be attending the AGM to vote in your place.

2. Nomination forms (download) — we need to vote for a new Parish Council (made up of 6 voting members) and 2 new Synod Representatives. Your nominations for these positions are very important. They must be co-signed by the person you are nominating and seconded by someone else.

3. Reports — please click the following links to read all the reports before coming to the AGM:

To speed up the AGM, these reports will not be read at the meeting. They will be received and/or approved by vote.

4. Budget for 2020 — Jeff Powys (the Treasurer) will call for his proposed budget to be approved at the AGM.

5. 2019 AGM Minutes - the AGM will start by moving a motion to accept last year's minutes.

We intend for the AGM to last only one hour with a 10 minute break in the middle.

To keep to this time-frame, please come prepared by having read all the above reports.

Also, bring your completed proxy forms and submit them to the AGM Secretary.

**Please bring your own pen to fill in the ballot papers.

You must also submit your nomination forms electronically to Doris Chan (either by MMS to 0408926092 or email churchadmin@penshurstanglican.org) by Wednesday, 29th July to be included on the ballots.


The following items will be voted on at the meeting:

  • The 2020 Budget as proposed by Treasurer.

  • Building Works as proposed by the Building Sub-Committee.

  • Two Church Wardens (the third one is selected by the Rector).

  • Three Parish Councillors (a fourth can be selected by the Rector).

  • Two Synod Representatives.

Our current Wardens and Synod Representatives are listed below. We currently do not have any parish councillors.

Links of job descriptions of the Wardens, Parish Councillors and Synod Representatives can be found below.

Our Wardens

Jeff Powys

The Treasurer

(Members Nominated Warden)

Naomi Zrno

Legal Issues

(Members Nominated Warden)

Michael Lin

Appointed Warden)

Our Parish Councillors

We do not have any parish councillors at the moment

Our Synod Representatives

Merilyn Mayhew

Nancy Feng


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